Should you Put a Tactical Light On Your 1911?

Although John Moses Browning may have lived during the time of electricity, he never could  have imagined adding a tactical light to his magnum opus: the 1911. Well, maybe he could have, but he didn’t have batteries small enough to do it.

Today, we don’t have that problem. It’s extremely simple for us to choose a tactical light that fits our needs (Streamlight, Olight, and Surefire are all good options) and attach it to our beloved 1911s. Some lights attach directly to your 1911’s trigger guard, while others require a picatinny rail attached to the frame of your pistol.

Holster for 1911 with tactical light

Regardless of which tactical light you choose, it’s going to have an effect on which gun holsters you can use. You’ll need a holster designed for your specific make and model of 1911, as well as which light you’re using.

Luckily, Southern Trapper can help. We can custom-make your 1911 gun holster to fit any builder and light. And since we make each holster from sturdy leather, you don’t need to worry about them breaking down on you. Learn more about all our gun holsters here.