The Best Holsters for Your 1911 With a Tactical Light

1911s make great concealed carry guns. Their single-action triggers provide a crisp, sharp pull that makes them easier to handle than double-action or striker-fired pistols for many users. In addition, their grip safety ensures that your gun won’t go off unless you’re holding it. And thanks to their thumb safety, you can even carry them “cocked and locked.” That expands their total capacity from 8 rounds to 9 (with one in the chamber).

With that being said, you can always improve your 1911. Whether it’s a high-end model Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, or a Nighthawk all the way down to an entry-level workhorse like a Rock Island, adding a tactical light will drastically improve how your 1911 handles.

Why Add a Tactical Light to my 1911?

Ultimately, there are two main reasons to add a tactical light to your 1911. First is simple practicality. Not all defensive gun use scenarios happen during broad daylight. And unless you’re rocking night vision goggles all the time (which will get pretty expensive), you’re going to want some way to see what you’re shooting at in the dark.

That’s where a tactical light comes in. You can attach a tactical light to your 1911 to illuminate your target with up to 1,000 lumens, lighting it up like the 4th of July. This can help ensure you know what you’re shooting at. After all, you don’t want to mistakenly open up on a friendly in the dark.

That’s not the only reason tactical lights are a great addition to your 1911, though. Many tactical lights also have a laser dot setting. This can make it significantly easier to acquire targets quickly. What’s more, it helps keep you on target if any follow-up shots are necessary.

Which Tactical Light Should I Choose For My 1911?

Not all tactical lights are made the same. While some are good to go, others fall short. Below, we’ll cover some of the best tactical lights out there for your 1911.

  • Streamlight Tactical Lights: Streamlight is one of the best brands around when it comes to tactical lights. The Streamlight TLR 7 is a great choice for smaller-sized 1911s, like the Commander with its 4-inch barrel. And Streamlight’s TLR 6 is specially-designed to fit any 1911, even those without a lower rail mount for lights.
  • Olight: Here's another household name when it comes to tactical lights. Olight makes some of the best tactical lights available today in a small package. Make sure you check out the Olight Baldr Pro, Baldur Mini, and the PL Mini if you’re running a 1911 as your main sidearm.
  • Surefire: Surefire may not have the same recognition as Streamlight or Olight, but don’t let that fool you. They make bomb proof tactical lights. Don’t sleep on Surefire’s XSC, XC1, and XC2 tactical lights.
  • Choosing a Holster for Your 1911 and Tactical Light

    Tactical lights are undeniably a great addition to your 1911. But no matter which you choose, you’re going to have to make some adjustments to your daily carry gear.

    Best tactical lights

    The main thing you’ll need to update is your gun holster. That’s where we come in. At Southern Trapper we craft specially-designed, custom holsters that fit your unique weapon. Regardless of which tactical light you choose for your 1911, we can make a holster to fit it. Made using the very best quality leather, Southern Trapper is your first choice for custom 1911 gun holsters. Check out our full selection here.