The Best Upgrades for Your 1911

One of the best things about picking up a new firearm is getting to make it your own. Turning a stock gun into something that’s personalized to your own specifications is something every firearm owner enjoys. That’s especially true of 1911 mods. If you’re on the hunt for some great 1911 customization ideas, you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at a few of the best upgrades for the 1911 platform here.

Best 1911 Upgrades for 2022

When it comes to a 1911, mods generally come in one of a few different categories. But the most common are sights, tactical lights, and holsters. If you’re getting started modding a base 1911, you may want to plan out all of your upgrades in advance. If you have an idea of how you want your 1911 to turn out, you can choose the best upgrades to compliment one another.

1911 Mods for Accuracy

If you want to upgrade your shooting skills, the best way to do it is practice. But if you want to speed up the process, some kind of optic definitely helps. And the best optic you’ll be able to find for a 1911 is a red dot sight.

If you’re familiar with optics outside of pistols, you’ll have heard of these brands before. Most of the top optics companies these days offer an “RMR,” or “ruggedized miniature red dot.” Trijicon (the guys who made the ubiquitous ACOG) makes one of the best red dot upgrades for a 1911, along with Leupold, generally known for their high-end hunting optics. You also can’t go wrong with a Vortex red dot, either.

1911 with red dot optic

Pistol Lights to See in the Dark

As the old adage goes, “you can’t see what you can’t shoot.” Tactical lights make it possible to acquire targets in the dark. What’s more, aside from seeing the bad guys, tactical lights also help you see good guys – ensuring they don’t end up in your sights.

If you’re looking for a tactical light, there are a few brands you should stick to. These don’t always have the same name recognition as optics brands do, so it’s important to do your research. Surefire and streamlight are your two best options here. Specifically, Surefire’s XSC and Streamlight’s TLR7 are two great choices.

1911 leather holsters

Our Favorite 1911 Customization Ideas: Leather Holsters

Last (but definitely not least) on our list of 1911 customization ideas is a leather holster. Whether you’re planning on carrying concealed or openly, leather holsters have a ton of benefits. For one, they’re super durable and won’t damage your gun’s finish. On top of that, they offer passive retention, holding your weapon in place even if you run or move around.

There’s one thing to keep in mind when it comes to holsters, though. If you have any other mods on your 1911, it will affect your holster choice. By changing your firearm’s overall profile, some upgrades will necessitate a custom holster.

Fortunately, that’s where the Southern Trapper can help. We can custom-make you a holster to fit any 1911 with any mods. To learn more, check out our array of leather holsters here.

1911 Black Leather Holster

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